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We help startups build sustainable businesses and brands execute on their innovation initiatives.

BrandGarage is a platform and community for bringing technology startups and brand companies together to drive innovation and commercialization of mobile, internet and software technologies.


Our programs bring together both the technology and business worlds to drive innovation and successful outcomes for startups, corporations and consumers.

“The Big Brand Hackathon was the first of its kind event for us, and was one of the most successful events Home Depot marketing has sponsored.  We learned a lot about the developers, how they think about SoLoMo and mashing together technology and functionality to deliver cool new business solutions.  It was highly productive for us to have such direct contact with this amazing group of people and to have the opportunity to cross-pollenate ideas!  We’ll definitely support future hackathon’s to stay in touch with what’s going on in this arena.”

Trish Mueller, CMO, The Home Depot





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